Vortrag Vicente Rodriguez: Sinti and Roma in American Comics - Superheroes, Hollywood Whitewashing, Holocaust representation and WWII

04. Oktober 2018
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From the 1940s on, in the wake of WWII, American comics have become a field of political narrative and lobbying. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, in the so called “Silver Age of Comics”, Sinti and Roma characters gained presence on the pages
of Marvel and Dc, the two biggest comic editorials in the US.

In his talk Vicente Rodriguez, Founder of RomaPop and Roma Rights activist, will share about the extraordinary tale of Sinti and Roma representation in both American Comics and Superhero movies. We shall discuss WWII, Holocaust representation and the political consequences of whitewhasing in the Hollywood industry for Sinti and Roma.

Die Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache stattfinden.


Donnnerstag 04.10.2018, 19:00 Uhr


DokuZ Sinti und Roma Berlin
Prinzenstraße 84.2
10969 Berlin